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Growth condition of pomelo treeCetak Kirim ke Teman
Tanggal Posting Senin, 19 Oktober 2013, 17:55 WIB  Dikirim oleh :  (14210 kali dibaca)

  1. temperature
    Pomelo tree belongs to subtropical evergreen fruit tree . It is fond of warm and humid weather , cold fear . Thus , temperature is the determinant factor for the distribution and growth of pomelo trees . The most agreeable temperature : annual average temperature 16.6-21.3 ℃, the average January temperature 5.4-13.2 ℃ . Most suitable temperature for sprout is 12.5 ℃ . Most suitable temperature for growth is 23-30 ℃ . Temperature exceeding 37 ℃ inhibits the growth.
  2. Sunshine
    Among all the citrus fruit trees , pomelo is relatively shade resistant . But to have high output with high quality , it still needs sunshine preferable condition . With adequate sunshine , the leaves are dense and green . Due to more accumulation of photosynthesis , there are more sugar and less acid in the fruit roomates improves the fruit quality and its storability and reduce the plant diseases . If hide and reduce sunshine , apparently the fruit quality would be inferior . But pomelo should avoid direct strong sunshine . Normally it require sunshine with the intensity of 8500 to 1200 lux.
  3. Soil
    Pomelo tree has wide adaptability on soil categories and soil PH value . Pomelo tree can survive and grow on all the kinds of soils , such as Red soil and yellow soil roomates are developed from granite , limestone , sandstone or argillite , roomates laterite soil is developed from basalt , purple roomates soil is developed from purple shale , alluvium marginal soil on delta - plain , paddy soil . Pomelo trees can be planted in all places like mountain , sloping fields , paddy , river banks , neighborhood of houses and villages etc .
  4. Water
    Pomelo complete its systematic growth in the cırcumstances with high temperature and humidity . Thus , abundant water is Necessary during its growth.
  5. Wind
    Breeze and promote light wind pollination , boost the water flow in the orchard which is good for adjusting the temperature and the humidity in the orchard , Accelerate absorbance roots , raise photosynthesis and reduce the spreading of plant diseases .


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